Hours By Project


Sum of Hours
Project Name Total
Art Gala 27
Azalea Festival 0
Baked Sales 31
Ben Carson 0
Boys and Girls Club 0
Building A Better
Business Bites 977
C.L.A.S.S. 0
Canned food drive 39
Canned Goods 27
Computer Smarts 0
Eunice Blood Drive 30
Fall Collaboration Summit 154
Fundraiser 71
Game of Thrones 34.25
Golf Tournament 230
Green House Project 550
Green Team 166.5
Hair Expo-Talla 96
HD & OLW end of year
Hudson-Dockett 2569
International Project 1599.8
LCOBA Day 2019 38
Leadership Meeting 409
Move out Baskets at LAMP 40
OLW & HD Haunted
Open House 13
Plastic Project 9
Relay For Life 410
SIFE Skills Success
Center/ORA LEE
The Happening 70
The Mix 0
The Mix Fundraiser 16
Toys for Tots 100
T-shirt Distribution 0
W G Nunn Carnival 0
YEA! 177
Grand Total 9715.5
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Message From the President

Welcome to VSU Enactus!!! My name is Ashlee Holness. If you want to improve the quality of life and standard of living of people in this community, put yourself in a position where you can impact the world we live in and watch yourself become a true, respected leader through personal development and team-building, you have come to the right place. VSU Enactus is the gateway to networking across the country, job opportunities, and exposure to the real world! We welcome you!!